The main purpose of the publication is to promote the development of public administration and administration by highlighting scientific advances in this field and putting them into practice. Providing an opportunity for scientists to publish the results of their research on the development of the state and society, the exchange of positive experiences between scientists.
The collection of scientific works publishes research on public administration, public administration, local self-government, mechanisms of sectoral management, problems of formation and development of civil society, municipal management, regional development.
The collection is intended for scientists, teachers of higher education institutions, graduate students, doctoral students, specialists in the field of public administration.

Review process
The collection "Public Administration and Local Self-Government" uses one-sided blind review. The personal data of the author and the reviewer are not disclosed. Scientific articles submitted to the editorial office are checked for compliance with the requirements of the journal published in the section "Instructions for authors".

The initial evaluation of a scientific article is carried out by the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief.
The editor-in-chief appoints a reviewer of the research profile for the article received by the editorial office.
During the evaluation of a scientific article, the reviewer:
analyzes the relevance of the chosen topic and the originality of the work in general;
evaluates the implementation of tasks, the correctness of the conclusions;
checks the correctness of style and language, as well as the selection and relevance of sources, the authors' compliance with the principles of scientific ethics.
After the final analysis of the article, the reviewer provides recommendations for the article, which the responsible secretary notifies the author by e-mail. If comments are found, the article is sent for revision. The corrected version is re-submitted to the reviewer for decision-making and preparation of the conclusion:

recommend the article for publication;
do not recommend the article for publication with objective arguments.
The completed reviews are sent to the editorial office by e-mail in the form of a scanned copy.

Publication ethics
The editors of the collection "Public Administration and Local Self-Government" believe that ethical aspects are a necessary basis for editorial work and the review process. Each author, editor, reviewer, publisher and institution involved in the publication process is responsible for preventing inappropriate actions (including plagiarism, slander, reproducing false data, any discrimination).
Public Administration and Local Self-Government is responsible for the Ethics of Publication and the publication of negligence under the COPE Code of Conduct and the Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors to ensure the ethics and quality of publications.

Open access policy
The collection "Public Administration and Local Self-Government" adheres to the policy of open access. All articles are posted indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the issue. Full-text real-time access to scientific articles of the journal is presented on the official website of the journal in the Archives section.
This is in line with BOAI's definition of open access. The magazine's licensing policy is compatible with the vast majority of open access and archiving policies.
The collection "Public Administration and Local Self-Government" is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY. This allows you to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, cite or link to the full article in this journal.

Plagiarism policy
Collection of scientific works "Public administration and local self-government":
accepts for publication only original materials, articles that have not been published before and have not been submitted for publication in another journal;
uses software to detect textual borrowings in the submitted manuscripts: Advego Plagiatus, eTXT, Plagiata.Net.
The editorial board of the magazine "Public Administration and Local Self-Government" analyzes any case of plagiarism. If plagiarism or textual borrowings are discovered by editors or reviewers at any stage before the publication of the manuscript, the author (s) are warned to rewrite the text or to link to the original source. If the plagiarism is more than 25%, the article will be rejected without review and the author's institution / employer will be informed.